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Our company is a one stop shop for real estate.  With a combine experience of 50 years, we have professionals in every area of our services that we provide. We work diligently in improving our skills to provide the best services as for you and your business. Whether you are an investor looking for a property management firm, or you need a customized real estate solution for your unique situation, we are dedicated to assisting you with the best solution that is ideal for you.

Property Operations. Property Management, Commercial Property, Home Inspection,
          Service: Property Management

This is a service that our company offers. With 17 years of experience, our team has a 94% tenant retention rate for residential and commercial properties. We provided automation services to streamline and  data collection that will equip you to better service your clientele. 

                                        This includes :

  • Reporting the property’s financial status, occupancy and expiring leases to property owners

  • Collecting rent and other property fees from tenants and individual owners

  • Advertising vacant properties and vetting potential renters

  • Inspecting properties and arranging for repairs and new materials as required

  • Arranging contracts for maintenance, trash removal, landscaping, security and other ongoing services and managing disputes

  • Investigating and resolving property complaints and rental violations

Service: Home/Commercial Property                                         Inspection


This service is is paramount in real estate. We understand that properties that are acquired and diagnoses for repairs are instrumental, This service aids in being effective in a competitive real estate market. When the property looks inviting and its safe, the tenant will more likely than choose your business. 

                       This includes:

  • Inspecting homes inside and out before they're sold.

  • Identifying problems such as water damage or electrical issues.

  • Ensuring the home complies with safety standards.

  • Taking detailed notes to create reports explaining current or potential issues.

  • Investigating heating and cooling systems.

  • Walkthrough Survey

  • Document, Procurement, and Review

  • Provide Inspection report

      Service: Commercial Clean/Hazmat                                        Removal


Our company understands that a unit subject to a potential renter is important. The unit (whether its commercial or residential) needs to be prepared. Therefore we provided this service to assist in compliance and improve product relations with potential renters or buyers.

                                     This Includes: 

  • Follow safety procedures before, during, and after cleanup

  • Comply with state and federal laws regarding waste disposal

  • Test hazardous materials to determine the proper way to clean up

  • Remove, neutralize, or clean up hazardous materials that are found or spilled

  • Clean contaminated equipment for reuse

  • Package, transport, or store hazardous materials

  • Keep records of cleanup activities



     Service: Property Preservation
Our company understands that businesses may add properties to their catalog that can not be sold or occupied because of various reasonsTherefore we supply property preservation services to vacant units and properties.

This includes:


  • Maintenance of property

  • Home improvements (repairing damages)

  • Protecting the property from vandals and wild life

  • Staying within compliance of municipal and state ordinances 

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